What is Team Wash Life?

Trusted by hundreds of washers and ingrained in the community!

EST. 2018






Moving Forward for John

Since the passing of our dear friend and founder John, Team Wash Life is still a thriving business and Power Washing Community (facebook).


Everything is now managed by Devon with the help of John’s dear friends and supporters who continually donate photos, information and their time to fulfill John Lange’s legacy of helping out the newcomers.


If you or someone you know has information, they feel the community should know, please reach out! The more we help each other the better the community becomes.

How Team Wash Life Came to Fruition

The start of the movement was put into motion by John Lange and his successful YouTube Channel.

After realizing the marketing potential of truly unique designs, John began promoting how awesome his printed marketing materials were. The demand for them grew. It grew so much that John and his graphic designer, Devon, decided to combine forces and turn it into a movement. We offer an alternative to the normal print templates that fail to truly cater to a specific niche. 

What sets our templates apart?

With John’s experience in the washing field and Devon’s experience in visual design, they are able to product effective products and services for washers just like yourself.


TWL templates are complex which is why each order is customized by hand for each client. At very competitive rates, we offer a very high-quality product with very reasonable turnaround times and best of all, excellent customer service!

Our Facebook Community

Wash Life is now a very active Facebook community, in conjunction with John’s successful YouTube videos, offering firsthand advice as well as this online shop.  

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Your Designer

I’m Devon, John’s Friend and Designer for Team Wash Life

I handle customer relations and the majority of design projects. I develop new template ideas and moderate the Team Wash Life Facebook Group!


• 15 Years of Design Experience

• 5 Years of Industry Knowledge

• Owner of a Two Five Designs LLC