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John Lange
Co-founder / washer

From Client Project to Business Relationship

The start of the movement was put into motion by John Lange and his successful YouTube Channel.

Wash Life is now a very active Facebook community, in conjunction with John’s successful YouTube videos, offering first hand advice as well as this online shop.  After realizing the marketing potential of truly unique designs, John began promoting how awesome his printed marketing materials were. The demand for them grew. It grew so much that John and his graphic designer, Devon, decided to combine forces and turn it into a movement. We offer an alternative to the normal print templates that fail to truly cater to a specific niche. 

What Sets us Apart?

First-Hand Experience

With John’s experience in the washing field and Devon’s experience in visual design. We are able to product effective products and services for washers just like yourself.

Our templates are complex which is why we customize each order by hand for each client. We do not claim to be the cheapest but we offer a very high quality product with very reasonable turnaround times and best of all, excellent customer service!

Devon L.
Co-Founder / Designer

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