FREE Letter Head Printable Template

A Free Google Doc You Can Customize and Print on the Go on Your Home Printer

We know that looking professional increases your value as a business and makes customers more comfortable spending money with you. 

Helpful tip: Make sure your logo is a large PNG (1000px wide) or a large JPG on a white background!

How to Edit Customizable Areas

Due to the limitations of Google Docs we had to do a little hacking to make this work but making it work is quite simple.

  1. Click the “Get it Now” link above to copy the template to your google drive.
  2. With the document open, double click the logo (this will outline the header)
  3. Double click the logo again.
  4. A window will popup where you can delete the logo and add your own using the toolbar. 
  5. The text should be easily replaceable by clicking it and erasing and replacing it.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 by clicking the footer at the bottom of the page. 

For questions please use our chat or email

We will work on adding other colors for you to use to match your branding!


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