Frequently Asked Questions

What can I customize on the template?

The layout will generally stay the same but colors, text, logo and images can be changed! If you aren’t sure just ask us via Live Chat or email us!

What is EDDM Template?

When you choose EDDM as an option for our prints we print the EDDM Retail Indicia on the back and bundle your prints in groups of 100 with a plastic band. Simply take them to your post office and set up your routes!

Can I order templates without printing?

Unfortunately, due to copycats attempting to resell our intellectual property we cannot release the template or digital files. Although when you order custom design you receive the print ready file to use as you wish!

How does ordering work?

Simple! Find a template, choose how many prints and what size and place your order.

We will send a customization form once we receive the order so we can being working on your drafts.

Then we email your proofs for you to view and make changes before we print and ship them to you.

Order Process Guide

Why can't I see proofs before I pay?

Actually, we used to do this when we first opened shop. However we quickly realized that so many people requested proofs and never responded back after we sent them over.

We ended up wasting tons of time and realized that wasn’t the proper business model. After researching we realized others are doing the same way we are.

How much is shipping and how long does it take?

Shipping is always FREE. Most of our products will be at your door within 5-7 days of approval of proof. Some products require extra production time which we include on that product page. Most of our customers actually receive their prints in 3-4 days after we send to printing.

Do you offer custom design?

Yes! You can order from our Custom Design Page! You can also order directly from a template’s page by choosing “Custom Design” instead of template.

Is my information safe and secure?

Yes of course it is. We use SSL encryption and only use your data to process your order.

How can I use door to door marketing?

John Lange has had great returns using these templates. He recommends handing out these materials out as fast as you can, essentially “bombing” areas you want work.

You can try testing a small neighborhood to gauge response rates and see if you can handle more work then move on to another neighborhood.John and hundreds other washers use our templates every season.Sometimes you may have to saturate the same area a few times.

If the first time didn’t receive much attention you may have to rework your prices or approach.Sometimes you will have to carpet an area more than once or twice!

I don't have a logo, can I still use your templates?

Yep! We can put your business name in a nice font for ya! Or you can order logo design with your template order, win win!