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Template Orders

On the product page there is an area for you to enter your edits and changes as well as a logo upload spot. 

After placing the order, we will send you a customized design proof to your email within 48 hours of placing your order.

You can tell us what to change and edit before approving for print and shipping.

Here is a link to our Order Process Guide

The layout will generally stay the same but colors, text, logo and images can be changed! We can also move, delete, and add elements as long as space on the template allows! If you aren’t sure just ask us via Live Chat or contact us!

Our templates are for printing only through Team Wash Life. We used to release the unwatermarked files but we noticed a large spike in other designers stealing our templates and reselling them under their brand (stealing isn’t cool and it’s copyright infringement).

Also if we released digital files to all of our customers, Facebook would be plagued with the same looking advertisement and customers wouldn’t know who is who (bad for digital branding).

We used to do this when we first opened shop. However, we quickly realized that so many people requested proofs and never responded back after we sent them over.

We ended up wasting tons of time and realized that wasn’t the proper business model. After researching we realized others are doing it the same way we are.

Yes of course it is. We use SSL encryption and only use your data to process your order.

We can put your business name in a nice font for you! Alternatively, if we have availablity, you can request a quote to have us make you one! 

Shipping and Turnaround

Shipping is always FREE. 

You can find all our shipping and turnaround times on our Shipping & Turnaround page.

Unfortunately only the U.S. We are a small business and slowly building and scaling as much as we can but for now we are only servicing the U.S.


With the EDDM Templates we print the post office markings on the cards and bundle them in groups of 100. The post office requires your prints to be set up this way before you go and setup your routes through USPS. You can find more information in our blog post here What is EDDM Ready?

It’s slightly more expensive because we bundle your order in groups of 100 postcards and wrap them in a plastic band prior to shipping them out to you. You can find more information in our blog post here What is EDDM Ready?

Take them to your post office and tell them you want to setup an EDDM mailing and that you already have the cards ready (they charge for their delivery services). You can find more information in our blog post here What is EDDM Ready?

Custom Design

Any custom project, whether it’s a logo or a business card design, starts by identifying your message, target audience and brand personality. The steps are below from start to finish:

  1. Collect a 50% down payment to start project
  2. Gather information, images and brand elements
  3. Identify your goal, target audience and brand “vibe”
  4. We begin designing and send a proof via email when finished
  5. You provide us feedback, corrections or give us your approval to finalize
  6. Collect final down payment.
  7. Deliver your final files!

We cannot directly copy any design as that doesn’t make a project custom. We create everything from scratch. However, we can take inspiration and adapt it to your project!

Our templates are already created and ready to go. This allows for a faster turnaround and cheaper price for templates. With custom design we have to start from square one and create the concept, copy, layout, imagery and all that good stuff.

Return & Refunds

If the shipping box and prints are damaged, reach out to us and provide pictures of your damaged box and prints. We will replace the damaged ones!

Please reach out to us with a picture of the opened box missing prints and let us know how many are missing so we can send you replacements!

Colors on screen and print can vary greatly. We are aware of the most common colors that look good on screen but not in print so we may adjust those but you can see those on the previews we send. The most common color that has issues is deep royal blue and generally needs to be adjusted to a more lighter blue.