What is EDDM Ready?

Understanding Every Door Direct Mail through the USPS

We get asked quite often what “EDDM Ready” means before our customers order our prints. EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail, which a service the US postal service provides to the public. 

How does EDDM work?

The post office has predetermined routes in every US city. When you visit the post office, or use their online tool, you can filter these routes based on income, average home value and other filters to help target customers. They do charge for this service, so before you order EDDM ready postcards with us, check what your costs will be for using their service so you stay within budget.

So what does it mean when I order “EDDM Ready” postcards?

When you order EDDM ready postcards with us we print the EDDM Indicia (fancy word for post markings) on the back of each card. We put this in the location the post office requires. Additionally, we bundle your postcard with plastic bands, in groups of 100, which is required when you hand the post office your postcards.

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    Thanks for the informative stuff! Particularly good read! Good to see others know more than a little something about the industry we work in and are willing to use it to give advice and help others out. Keep up the great work guys!

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