5 Hacks to Make Your Pressure Wash Business Cards Unforgettable

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Quick Summary » Below we outline five creative ways you can put business cards to work for your pressure washing business. The 5 key hacks to effective pressure wash business cards include appointment reminders, loyalty punch cards, featured photo, gathering reviews or linking to results of your work.

1. Appointment Reminders

You had a conversation with someone in the real world and secured a date to perform the service. Not only can you use that business card to write the date of their appointment but this ensures they save the card where they’ll have easy access to look at it. More than likely they’ll forget to take it off of the refrigerator and, boom, it’s in front of them everyday when they get something to eat.

Design tip: Have your designer create a spot somewhere on the card where you can write this in with a sharpie. I would recommend on the back next to your logo and a short description of your company.

2. Loyalty or Punch Cards

My local hair salon does this and the card has been in my wallet for over a year and I still use it! It’s a great way to ensure that customers who use your service once, hold on to it when they need the service again. Just make sure you are providing 5-Star service.

Design tip: Design your business cards in a fashion where there are a group of circles placed creatively on the card that you can punch out and have your designer put a discount in each circle to encourage repeat service.

3. Showcase Your Business

Now I wouldn’t recommend putting a bunch of pictures of clean houses on your business card as the space is very limited and the finer details get lost. But something I like to do in my designs is create one large picture of something iconic and work it around the rest of the details in the card. For a pressure washing business this could be your newly wrapped truck, your water fed pole or a cutout of your equipment on your trailer. I feel like this gives an awesome personal touch without creating too much chaos on the card.

Design tip: Give your designer your highest quality photo, place it on the back side of the card and fill up half the card with your logo next to it.

4. Increase Reviews using a QR code

A great feature of QR codes is they are compact and easy to use for the majority of the population. It’s easier to scan than type out a url or search online. So put a QR code linking directly to the “leave a review” form on your google business page!
Create a free QR code for your cards!

Design tip: When designing we like to place them on the back with plenty of white space around it for easy scanning. Don’t want to design it yourself? Order our Customer QR Review Cards!

5. Show off your work with a QR Code

Similar to the review method I’ve outlined above, QR codes can link anywhere on the internet. This means you can link directly to the before and after pictures on your website! Please, get creative with the QR codes, the possibilities are endless.

Now get designing!

As easy as it sounds to do all of this, always have a designer create something for you especially if you don’t have a creative bone in your body. If you do decide to design them yourself keep in mind that WHITE SPACE MATTERS and don’t fill up every inch of the card with content. Always remember to keep it simple! For additional tips on designing your cards, check out this post from HubSpot.

Have a creative tip to help out other pressure washers when it comes to business cards? Share them in the comments!

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