5 Vital Questions Answered by Experienced Power Washers

Photo Courtesy of Don Cox of Guardian Exterior Cleaning in Maryland. Check him out here:  Guardian Exterior Cleaning | Roof and House Washing | Ellicott City Maryland (guardian-clean.com)

Over at at our Facebook Group Team Wash Life, we get a lot of reoccurring questions, so we grabbed some of more common ones and condensed them into this post. The answers are provided by members of the group that have experience.

1. What is the best product to remove deck/fence stain from vinyl siding?

The answer is F-18 MAX Wood Stripper & Cleaner 10LB

There may be other options out there but this came highly recommended from members of our support group! (side note, we are not affiliates with Pressure Tek, this is simply a resource)

2. Can you downstream a roof cleaning?

The answer is to use a roof pump, xjet. or pump up sprayer. If the roof is not in terrible condition then down streaming will work. But you need to coat it SEVERAL times and it can take a long time!

3. Is Home Advisor worth it?

It depends on who you ask. The general consensus is that it is not worth it however one member of our group has stated the following.

“Honestly, it’s great if you can contact your leads ASAP and get your estimates sent in before your competition does”. However other members have stated that they send leads, YOU Are charged for EVERY SINGLE ONE. Now, you WILL get fakes (and be charged) and just like every contact, every lead will not end in a contract.

So be wary and make an informed decision. We cannot advise either way.

4. How should I price a roof wash?

The most in depth explanation was by one of our members who has a formula.

“I take the sq ft of the house, we’ll say 2000 Sq. Ft., and depending on pitch I multiply by 1-1.75. So a 2000 Sq. Ft. house with a steep pitch x 1.75 = 3500 then multiply by your rate. Generally $0.25 – $0.35 a square foot.”

Additionally you should factor in cost for gutters, plants and obstructions as these can make the job more difficult and increase the price.

5. Should you pre-wet or rinse the siding and windows before you apply SH to a house?

If it is hot out, or the siding is subject to increased temperature then you definitely should.

These answers are not always a sure fire thing and your best bet is to exercise caution before trying something new. We cannot be held responsible for the outcomes of using these method.

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