News and Updates

Ordering temporarily offline.

August 8, 2022

We are moving to a faster platform to increase the speed of the website.

In the meantime, to place any orders please contact!

Supply Chain Shortages Notice

July 2022

All 16pt card stock will be replaced with 14pt until shortages are alleviated.

We have held out as long as we have, to keep prices and paper the same all through the pandemic however the impact of the supply chain has stressed the paper supply as well.

We know others have lost supply a lot sooner than us but it was only a matter of time before all print suppliers feel the pain. Although we can’t predict the future, it sounds like it could last 1 or more months.

Website Design Update, Exlusive + Premium Products Added, New Logo Design Inquiry

May 2022


New Website Design

Again, we have redesigned the website to allow for easier navigation, cleaner interface and overall ease of use.



Exclusive & Premium Products

We have added an Exclusive Section to our store that includes products that will ONLY BE SOLD ONCE and then put out of stock. It is a first come first serve basis, so snatch it up before someone else does!

We have added premium templates, which are a little more advanced than our usual standard templates. They require extra customization time and are overall more graphically enhanced, these are $50 more than our standard templates.



Logo Inquiry Form

It appears that our design style is very specific and unique, leading to more requests than we can handle. Therefore, we have added a page where customers can inquire to have us design their logo by filling out an extensive form. This helps us vet those who are serious and ready as well as allows us to price each job individually and fairly. We will choose which projects we take on!

Black December Savings and Deals!

December 6th, 2021

Use code Black20 for $20 off $100+

Use code Black40 for $40 off $249+

Use code Black60 for $20 off $399+

Website Redesign + New Templates, Blog Posts and Portfolio Projects

December 18th, 2020


New Website Design

We have redesigned our site to accomodate the times. We made it more simplistic, modern, and most of all, easier to navigate!

  • Option to fill out customization form now or have a form emailed to you at more convenient time.
  • We made it easier to view pricing using buttons instead of drop downs when selecting product options.